Green Printing

Paper was first produced in 100 AD - without this wonderful material where would we be?

So lets not take it for granted!

We are aware that the world is changing its views and thinking more about the Environment and the effect that we have on it. Therefore it’s important that the world we all share is preserved for future generations to enjoy.

The Environment

All printing companies produce a considerable amount of waste, elements such as paper, chemicals and inks.  At Jadan Press each product is safely removed and disposed of by specialist waste collection companies, and where possible recycled.

Sustainable Forestry

Here at Jadan Press we aim to deal only with suppliers that source paper from sustainable, managed forests to ensure that the paper our customers are buying comes from a legal and sustainable source.

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Fact 3
Today only 17% of all trees felled are used in paper making.
Statements such as ‘that’s another Amazon rainforest gone’ aren't quite true... the trees are Hard Wood in the Amazon rainforests - this type of wood is not used in the production of paper.
Paper is biodegradable and rots (Many other materials which are printed DO NOT!)
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